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Problems of the world

THE #PROBLEM OF THE #WORLD ...we become smarter bt nt wiser ...we become bigger but nt stronger ...we know much but undastand's less ...we hav written more books but only few reads ...we conquer d space but av nt conquer our habits ...we protects animals in d forest but kills babies ...we wonder 2 d moon but dnt know our next door niebour ...we preserv nature but abort babies ...every body tends to lead but no body tends 2 folow ...we lead d world itbut can't even lead ourselves ...we travel so fast but to no were ...we pray much but we pray wrongly ...we measure our wealth by money not with fulfilment ...we fight's battles dat we gain nothing even if we wins ....#JOIN #CONFIDENCE #FOUNDATION SO WE CAN MOVE DIS #WORLD FORWARD. ...GOD bless as u like share and coment on dix post,#see u@ d #top
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5 Principles Of Success

In life I have discovered that success is the major reason we strive and a life without success is meaningless.

So if u really  wish to be successful follow the five principles I will share with you  below and you know what? You must be  successful. 1:Dreaming÷how do you wish your life to be in the next ten years? where will  you be in the next five years? these and many more are dreams so the moment you are giving your mind an extra work to ponder on all these  thingsites,  you are already dreaming and u know what it is not costly to dream.
2:planning÷if you fail to plan,your have already planned to fail. No matter how big your dreams are if you do not plan how to achieve them you will be disappointed so it it not enough to have big dreams you still need to plan.
3:Believe in yourself :if you think you  can't make  it definitely you can make it because  a man is a product of his thoughts.Say nice words to yourself,it's not too late to  be a champion if you can believe. 4:Timing …

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Nine student killed at AAU graduation party

Ambrose Alli University •
 Police blame rival cult.  Nine persons including six final year students of the Edo State-owned university, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, have been reported killed at a graduation party.
The party was held at Ihimudun road, Ekpoma in Esan West local government area. It was gathered that three of the deceased were former students of the institution invited to the party while others just concluded their final examinations. Another source in the local government area said the dead were four males and one female while two othersides where graduates from the school. Among the dead were a final year medical student known as Chibudum Eistein

, and son of a former chairman of the local council. The source said the victims were shot dead by a student who earlier fought with his colleague over a girl. It was gathered that the suspect angrily walked out of the party after his shirt got torn but returned with his friends and shot nine persons dead. A lecturer in t…

Quit Competition And Live A Happy Life

When I was in my mother's womb,
I was happy,I had no friend,no partner, no cloth,no job,no house,no money yet I was very happy  and kicking .
Finally  my mom delivered me on one faithful  night, and I cried.       I began my life as a child I was still  happy  then I went to the nursery school   my teachers  changed my mentality by telling me I wasn't measuring up, I have to compete yet I was no longer  happy,I tried  all I could  to be happy i was no longer happy.
I felt Lonely,I was left behind, I tried working harder to meet up my mate but no way was it working.   Few months ago I took the  retrospect of how my life started from my mother's womb,I discovered I was never sad when I was in the  womb even without friends, house,money,partner, job nor good grades yet I was happy.  As I thought of these things  I discovered that the only reason for my happiness while in the womb was that "I WASN'T COMPETING " I was living in God's purpose for my life …

5 golden rules to Set lasting goals